I am always available for commissions. Please contact me via email or any other platform that I frequently check, and I will discuss pricing and other matters from there. Payments are accepted via PayPal, Bitcoin, and physical cash (this option is only available if we can actually meet up physically, or if you have a way to send it). When contacting me, please provide for me what you want accomplished, and how so. I will decide whether I'll accept the request or not.

If you are looking into hiring me for longer periods of time and not just small commissions, please also contact me and tell me what you have in plan. You should take a look at my résumé, for a bit knowledge on my past education and experience. I also have compiled most of my previous works on here, you can also check that out on my Projects page.

I do not just work for people with lots of money. If you are from a non-profit organization, I will try my best to decrease costs and give a lower price than usual, but everything really just depends on the size and complexity of what you want done.

I also take donations. As a high school student, I find it fairly difficult to get some cash into my wallet. I devote quite a bit of time on my projects, I don't get much out of it. A lot of times, I find it hard to continue working, if there is no motivation to do so. A lot of expenses (hosting, premium features, etc.) are covered with cash coming from right out of my wallet. That has put a hole in my wallet, one that can't easily patch itself up. You can donate to me at Donations of any size are gladly accepted.