My name is Victor Truong, and I am currently a high school student (junior). There's a chance you may know me by my onlne pseudonym, ifvictr. Currently I live in sunny California, where the weather is warm (sometimes too warm). Besides criticizing the education system for its flaws, doing homework, or reading up on computer-related subjects, I find time to do some other things.



Though I may have started only a few years back, I've developed a passion for it. I found it very cool the fact that you can actually write scripts that perform automated tasks, create websites that appeal to viewers, and create robots from scratch with computer code. I had started developing an interest in computers during my middle school years, but did not pursue my interests until my first year in high school. I started off my journey by writing some plugins for a Minecraft: Pocket Edtion server software in PHP. I stayed there for about a year. Soon after, I left that community to start exploring other areas of computer science and subjects related to it, such as web development. In the time I was away from this community, I learned some fundamental elements of computer science, and I also managed to get HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and a bit of Python under my belt. Currently I am looking into the C and Ruby programming languages.


I was able to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi a few months ago, and has since learned quite a bit on the operating system Linux (though I was using another distribution of it). After running into some of the hardware limitations of the Raspberry Pi (a credit-card sized computer can only handle so much), I decided to look into computer building to possibly building a machine that could replace my Pi to handle the more intense tasks.


The amount of time I spend in front of a screen does indeed take a toll on my body. My eyes hurt when I'm on for too long, and I feel really lazy. This is the time when I decide to disconnect and get in touch with nature. I feel a sense of pride when I have successfully grown a tree, or even a small vegetable plant. I am not interested in just traditional soil-and-seed planting, I am also interested in growing things using hydroponics and aquaponics systems. I plan to make my own mini hydroponics system at home very soon.


I've dreamt of being a fish, swimming through the water swiftly and gracefully, since I was a young boy. My mother eventually decided I should learn how to swim. Some complications held me back from fully learning, and took a few years break from it. Eventually I decided to return to the sport, and have learned all of the strokes. During my sophomore year at high school, I participated in my school's swim team. Though I haven't had enough time to practice, swimming still remains one of my favorite sports.

More things about me will be added soon...